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The Evolution of Blockchain from Crypto to DApps

Syndicated blog from humairahmed.com. I remember buying my first bitcoin back when it was still hovering around ~$100. It’s an understatement to say things have sure changed – and, not just in terms of what Bitcoin is now worth (market cap just under $1 trillion), but also with the ecosystem, exchanges, trading/investment vehicles, and flood …

Web3, DApps, and Cloudflare IPFS and Ethereum Gateways

Syndicated blog from humairahmed.com. One of the interesting areas I’ve been reading-up and working on past few months has been Web3. Web3 can be viewed as a new iteration of the Web incorporating technologies that exhibit characteristics of decentralization, trustlessness, immutability, inherent verification, while also providing transparency. Additionally, Web3 moves away from the aspect of …


Over the past 18 years, I’ve worked in the forefront of technology as a developer, engineer, architect, and product manager at some of the leading tech companies in Silicon Valley and the world. I’ve done this while also teaching/training technical courses; speaking at numerous popular tech conferences; publishing two books, numerous blogs and videos, and hundreds of other technical collateral. In addition, I’ve spent countless hours hacking and working with new technologies and on side projects and other endeavors.

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